Matching Game

How many Christmas words do you know? Can you match them to their picture? How quick are you? Beat the time. 


Whose present?

Santa Claus needs help to choose the best present for each child. Listen to him and choose two presents for each kid. First click on the child's picture and listen to what they like. Then choose the right present. 

Winter Riddles

For puzzle lovers

With enough winter flakes
Two or three spheres is your goal
Then you can make this friend
With a scarf, carrot and coal

What am I?

If you like riddles and you think you're good at solving them, why don't you try this game?

Do you like making snowmen? Then click on this game and assemble the parts to make one. 

Do you like decorating Christmas Trees? Are you good at aiming? Can you calculate distances? Then enjoy this game.

Are you good at guessing words? Do you like hangman? Do you know a lot of Christmas words? Find them without breaking all the Christmas Balls.

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